A B O U T.

A B O U T.

Who we are ?

We are a group of passionate individuals who encourage startups and innovative projects to provide innovative solutions to the challenges the country faces through entrepreneurship; thus creating employment opportunities, promoting environmental protection, creating a cultural movement, and integrating minorities into development processes. Algeria Venture’s program targets passionate innovative project bearers and startups in particular. who, being able to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, see challenges as opportunities and opportunities to be seized.

who we are

Our Vision ?

Be the pioneer of business development in the country. Our vision is a better society, a society governed by individual actions for a common benefit. Through the promotion of social entrepreneurship (or other field), the center aims to create an endless chain of reactions that generate positive change and and economic development in Algeria.

our vision

Our mission ?

We aim to accelerate the country's aspirations (for industrialization, entrepreneurship, digital, etc.). Bridging the gap between ideas and resultsVision. Our mission is to create a network of startups across Algeria, to train them, to support them and to accompany them in the management of their businesses and projects.

our mission

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