Algeria Venture Makes a Powerful Debut at GITEX Global 2023

Algeria Venture (A-Venture), made a remarkable debut at the much-anticipated Expand North Star by GITEX Global 2023 in Dubai, marking a historic moment as the Algerian government steps into the spotlight to promote the country’s burgeoning entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at this prestigious tech junction.

Taking center stage at the A-Venture booth (Hall 9, B100), a dynamic team of over 60 entrepreneurs representing 25 startups from the accelerator’s program immediately captured the attention of attendees with their innovative solutions and infectious enthusiasm. The team wasted no time, diving into global project explorations, networking opportunities, and crucial meetings aimed at securing funding and forging strategic partnerships.

Mr. Sid Ali ZERROUKI, CEO of A-Venture, expressed excitement about the opportunity to participate in GITEX Global 2023, one of the world’s largest tech events. “This platform offers an unmatched opportunity for our startups to showcase their cutting-edge innovations, connect with potential investors and industry leaders, and contribute to shaping a dynamic new ecosystem for entrepreneurship,” he remarked.

The inaugural day at GITEX was a resounding success, characterized by insightful conversations, compelling pitches, and the exchange of ideas that drive innovation forward. Attendees were able to witness firsthand the wealth of talent and entrepreneurial spirit flourishing within Algeria’s startup community.

A-Venture’s presence at GITEX Global 2023 underscores the Algerian government’s dedication to nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and positioning the nation as a burgeoning hub for innovation. Through its comprehensive support system, encompassing state-of-the-art facilities, personalized mentorship, open innovation strategies, and intellectual property assistance, the accelerator is empowering Algerian startups with the tools and resources necessary to leave a lasting mark on the global stage.

As the event continues until October 18th, A-Venture and its startups eagerly anticipate further networking opportunities, the forging of valuable connections, and the exploration of potential collaborations that have the potential to shape the future of entrepreneurship in Algeria and beyond.

Visitors to GITEX Global 2023 are encouraged to stop by the A-Venture booth at Hall 9, B100, to experience firsthand the innovative spirit driving Algeria’s startup community and to explore potential synergies for future collaboration.


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