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We support ambitious entrepreneurs in elevating their ideas to greater heights by providing them with resources and expertise.


We assist our partners in optimizing their internal Research and Development (R&D) operations, leading to substantial cost reduction.


We offer incubator managers a wealth of insights on optimal startup assistance practices, enhancing their proficiency in fostering a growing portfolio of startups.


We broaden startups' perspectives and grant access to global best practices by fostering partnerships at both national and international levels.


In an exciting collaboration with Google for Startups, we offer unparalleled resources and expertise to help ambitious entrepreneurs scale their ideas to new heights. This partnership not only equips startups with cutting-edge tools and knowledge from Google’s vast network but also provides them with a unique platform for global exposure.
Through this partnership, we develop an intensive acceleration program exclusively dedicated to startups with high growth potential for a period of 03 months.
This intensive program is tailored to empower entrepreneurs and innovators by providing them with the resources, training, mentorship, and exposure they need to rapidly accelerate their growth and scale their businesses.


  • Tens of hours of workshops covering 9 pillars :
    • Business Model and Strategy
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Product Development and Innovation
    • Marketing and Branding
    • Sales and Customer Acquisition
    • Financial Management and Fundraising
    • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    • Leadership and Team Management
    • Networking and Ecosystem Engagement
  • mentoring with expert practitioners
  • Coworking space for you and your team
  • Financial diagnostics to best position you for funding
  • Tailored legal diagnostics and support
  • A like-minded community of highly ambitious founders and guests
  • Regular pitch deck reviews and workshops
  • Exposure to VCs and Angels across Africa
  • Events & local exposure

Selection criteria

  • Label Startup – delivered by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Startups and Microenterprise.
  • Innovative business model that demonstrates potential for significant impact in its respective industry.
  • Team strength.
  • Technological edge
  • Financial viability


03 epic months

Program starts

February 2024


At Algeria Venture, we are pioneering a unique approach to open innovation, tailored to meet the evolving needs of both our startup community and our corporate partners.
We understand that innovation is not just about new ideas, but about smart execution and effective resource utilization.
To facilitate this, we offer our partners, which include public and private companies of all sizes, an opportunity to optimize their internal Research and Development (R&D) activities while significantly reducing costs.
This is achieved through a strategic process where we address the specific needs and problems of these companies with innovative solutions derived from the expertise of our startup network.
Moreover, reinforcing our commitment to fostering open innovation, a new law has been introduced that provides substantial financial incentives for companies engaging in these activities. Under this law, companies can benefit from a tax deduction of 30% on income or profits (IRG/IBS) spent on open innovation programs conducted with enterprises holding the Start-up label. This deduction is applicable up to a significant amount of 1,5 Million $, making it an extremely attractive proposition for businesses looking to innovate.


Understanding the critical role these incubators play in guiding early-stage startups, we have launched a tailored training and meetup program exclusively for incubator managers. This initiative is meticulously designed to bolster their proficiency in nurturing an increasing roster of startups.
Our curated training sessions and meetups offer incubator managers a wealth of insights into the best practices for startup assistance. These interactive sessions are structured to confront the distinct challenges faced by incubators, providing them with actionable and pragmatic solutions. Our focus extends beyond merely boosting operational efficiency; it encompasses a commitment to enhancing the caliber of services provided to startups, ensuring a nurturing environment for their growth.
The effectiveness and reach of our program are manifest. Over 52 incubators have already reaped the benefits of our extensive support and training. Notably, our ToT ‘Train the Trainer’ components are crafted to empower incubator managers with essential skills and knowledge, enabling them to disseminate this expertise within their teams.


One of the key strategies is the launch of an entrepreneurship training campaign across universities. This campaign aims to instill a spirit of innovation and business acumen in students, preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs for the challenges of the startup world.
To expand the horizons of Algerian startups and incubators, Algeria Venture is actively developing partnerships at both national and international levels. These collaborations are crucial in providing startups with a broader perspective and access to global best practices. An innovative aspect of Algeria Venture’s approach is the organization of study trips abroad for startups and incubators. These trips are not only educational but also offer invaluable opportunities for networking and exposure to different entrepreneurial environments.
Expanding on this, we have recently included a study trip to India, south Africa and a startup competition in the USA, which provides a unique perspective on the world’s most dynamic and growing startup ecosystems.

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Our objective is to fast-track the nation’s ambitions, bridging the divide between visionary ideas and tangible outcomes. Our mission is to establish a vibrant network of startups throughout Algeria, providing comprehensive training, steadfast support, and expert guidance in managing their ventures and projects.

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